Hi all and welcome to the first day of the Waterside Home Tour.  Thanks to Emily of Table & Hearth for putting this together and to all the other bloggers for participating.  Today, Wednesday and Friday this week, some amazing bloggers are giving us a peak into their coastal homes.  Be sure to check out today’s tours and come back Wednesday and Friday to see even more!  Links to the other tours are at the bottom of this post.

A tour of 16 GORGEOUS homes inspired by nearby waters!!! www.tableandhearth.com
Here’s a little background info for our new followers and tour visitors….

Brian and I  bought our 1980’s canal front home 3 years ago and have been DIYing one project after the other ever since.  It is 1300 square feet, 3 bedroom/2 bath, (all elevated, second story living), open floorplan with an in-home elevator, dock and boat lift.  The small waterfront community is about 40 miles South of Houston and only a few miles from Galveston.  It is a good location to have access to the big city while living on the water.

www.brianandkaylor.com Home Tour

From our backyard we have direct access to West Galveston Bay which leads to tons of marsh area and the Gulf of Mexico.  There is fishing, hunting, boating, crabbing, shrimping, beaching, getting your own oysters…everything outdoors people and beach lovers can’t live without.  All from our backyard or within a short drive.

Pictures from our skiff in our area marsh.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour
www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

Now lets talk about the house.  It was in good condition when we bought it but it was outdated.  BAD.  The house was an unused vacation home so they never invested money on updates.  After Hurricane Ike completely flooded the area in 2008, the downstairs had to be repaired (its just a huge garage with an elevator shaft), they updated and fixed the electrical, and there were a few dry wall issues that were fixed.  Other than the few repairs after Ike, the before pictures are straight up 1985.  We have done a lot of work and the house has transformed into a home that we love.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

Our main focus for the last 3 years has been updating the interior of the house to create a comfortable, coastal cottage that reflects our laid back lifestyle and love for the outdoors.  I try to use family pieces and memories from our travels for decoration because they are not only affordable but have special meaning to us.  Brian grew up on a ranch and I grew up on the coast so I have tried to mix in a little country with the coastal decor without overdoing either one.

Our first interior project was the kitchen and it was by far the hardest (being without a working kitchen is tough).  The 11 week update involved us building a diy refrigerator enclosure, filling in and adding moulding to the fur down, painting cabinets, changing light fixtures, installing butcher block countertops, tiling the backsplash, installing the new sink and appliances, as well as a new faucet, cabinet hardware, microwave vent system and tons of other tiny things mixed in there.  See all the before and after pictures plus product details, here.

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www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #brianandkaylordiy #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #brianandkaylordiy #watersidehometour

I went with a soft white for the cabinets since the space is small.  The glass backsplash brings in some color and the butcher block warms it all up and keeps it from being too white.  Our dining space is connected to the kitchen but is going through a bit of a furniture transition right now so the picture below is what it looked like 2 years ago.

Brian and Kaylor Dining Room Makeover

Photo Credit: Ever & Anon

There are so many things I love in this space.  The buffet is my grandparent’s old dresser, the shutters around the picture taken of us on the beach (Ever & Anon) were salvaged from my parent’s house they lost to Hurricane Rita, and the chandelier is a candle lantern I bought during our last week in New Orleans that I made into a DIY electric, hardwire light.  The Sarah Richardson fabric was a splurge but totally worth it.  I still need to sew the curtains for the living room.  That reveal should be this summer and includes a great view and a very large tarpon.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

The blue armoire in the corner of the dining room picture is our Doggie Armoire.   This piece of furniture is used for all things Jaxson and Sabine.  It stores their food, meds, grooming supplies, snacks, life jackets, toys, etc.  Everything is hidden away but with easy access.  And best part, it holds their food bowls.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

On top of the armoire, the model sailboat was my paternal grandfather’s and the canvas is of us in Little Exuma, The Bahamas on our 2012 vacation.  Again, I am always trying to incorporate memories and family heirlooms in our decor.  Lucky for me, my family loves the coast, too.

Our master bedroom and bathroom both had makeovers last year and we love the results.  The bedroom got new paint, new furniture (dresser makeovers here and here) and new textiles.  See all the makeover details, here.

Master Bedroom Reveal

I am obsessed with the doors!  They are from a garden shed that was in Uptown, New Orleans and they have the original florentine glass.  Squeal!  I bought them for $100, four years ago and when we moved to Texas, I knew they had to come with us.  They have been under our guest bed for over two years and I finally have the perfect home for them.

Brian and Kaylor Master Bedroom After-4

Brian and Kaylor Master Bedroom After-5

The window brings in lots of great light and has a view of the water.

Master Bedroom After-11

The sign over the bed is made of boards from our old dock we tore out.  The quote is one of my favorites.  I love the meaning but I also love it uses a sailing example.  Last year, I started taking sailing lessons and I am now addicted.

Brian and Kaylor Master Bedroom After-9

And the picture is of my maternal great grandfather’s shrimp boat docked in Sabine Pass.  We gave this to my grandfather for his birthday one year.  Now he has passed and I stole it from my mom.

Brian and Kaylor Master Bedroom After-10

The bathroom went through a major update.  It took us a year of tackling one project at a time but it was well worth all the work.  Now, it is a perfect compliment to the master bedroom.  See the before pictures here and progress pictures here.

Brian and Kaylor Master Bath-4

Master Bathroom After

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #brianandkaylordiy #watersidehometour

Brian and Kaylor Master Bath-10

We still have a long list of things to do outside but we have completed a few big projects.  The diy dock is one of my favorites outdoor seating areas.  We built it two years ago, installed the boat lift, and built the diy adirondack chairs.  It will hopefully get re stained this summer.  Saltwater and sun is a harsh environment.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

There is a great cleaning station Brian built from a salvaged sink and countertop my parents gave us from their old cookhouse.  There have been many ducks, fish and oysters cleaned at that table.  It keeps the mess away from my house and makes clean up easy.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

Our boat is one of my the projects I am most proud of.  We spent the summer after we got married building our first boat.  I learned so much about skiffs, fiberglass and rigging in just a few months.  Several years later he wanted to change a few things and use different materials so we built another.  She sits behind our house always ready for the next adventure.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

Brian and I have two chocolate labs and decided to build them a skiff, too.  As their bed. It even has a scaled size Yeti Cooler pillow (the pillow says “YETI”) It is definitely a conversation piece and the dogs love it.  Jaxson is modeling how to use it.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #skiffbed #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #skiffbed #watersidehometourLast year we built a pebble patio and fire pit area on the side of our home.  It is an extension of the existing walkway under the house.  The grass never grew well which made the area a muddy mess when it rained and the bare dead spots were unattractive.  We decided to remove the grass and make a fun hang out spot.  There are plans to add a smoker, more plants and flowers on the fence, and a grill/outdoor kitchen area.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

It is a great hang out space on cool, Texas nights.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

This summer we plan on giving the stairs and deck a makeover.  The railing is not safe (Jaxson jumped and hurt himself last summer which is why we have the unsightly green plastic stuff up) and the stairs are not attractive.  Plan is to make the new railing like the cattle panel fence we built and close-in underneath the stairs for storage.  Also, the deck will be sanded down and repainted (anybody have a review on Rust-Oleum Restore products?).  The deck sitting area has a beautiful view and is my favorite place for morning tea, working on the blog/editing photos and having lunch outdoors.  The 3 metal chairs and bistro set I found on the side of the road while on a run.  I cleaned, sanded and painted them then found some cute but affordable pillows to fit them.  They only cost me the price of paint.  🙂

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

Our downstairs area under the house has been neglected.  There is some seating but I want to build a hanging bed along with some other seating and set up a designated dining area this summer.

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #watersidehometour

Thanks to everyone for visiting.  Please subscribe to the blog (on right side of page) and follow us on Instagram.  We have some great projects planned and I can’t wait to start tackling them.  There should be lots of pictures and sharing.  Be sure to roam our page a little to see many of our other projects.

Please visit the other homes.  They are all beautiful!

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