Fishing, hunting and shallow water skiffs are a huge part of our life.  BLittle and I built our first boat together (his second to build) the summer after we got married.  Then 6 years later, we built a different skiff.  There will be a blog post(s) later on our boat building adventure.  We have many friends in the fly fishing and skiff community and one of them built a skiff bed for his son.  Blittle said he wanted to do the same thing but on a smaller scale for Jaxson & Sabine.  I told him that a skiff bed for the dog might be a little extreme.  I mean, a boat bed for a dog that will go in our living room?  My inner designer was cringing but then I looked at Jaxson’s sweet face and gave in.  I knew he would love having his own space and would maybe share it with sister.

We based the cockpit, bed area, on our dogs’ measurements and then designed the overall size of the boat based on that.  The goal was to have something that looked fairly proportional but didn’t get too big.  It is still over 5 feet long but any shorter would have looked squatty and not as realistic.

Blittle did most of the wood work and building of the bed.  I used high density foam as the mattress and sewed a custom sheet as well as pillow cover (yes he uses a pillow). We chose common skiff colors that also matched our living room. It really turned out cute and Jaxson loves it. And so does Sabine but she is very much a couch dweller…a war that I lost a long time ago.  I will never get over how smart dogs can be.  Jason knew it was his before we were finished and had no problem doing a few test runs for us.  Most of the time with no commands.

 A good skiff has to have a great poling platform.  Blittle constructed one out of large dowel rods, puddy and a piece of wood with the edges cut into curves.

We built this in 2012 so this was pre paint booth and I just sprayed in the yard.  Things have come a long way.  🙂

There is almost always a dog in this bed.  As I type, my sweet Sabine is taking her morning nap, trying to stay warm and dry on this cold, gloomy morning.    I can honestly say, I never thought I would have a large boat bed in my living room.  Every time I see one of them in it, my heart is happy.










How can you not be in love with these faces?


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