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Today is a review by Kaylor.

Although it is the last week of January and many of you have already invested in a planner, I want to share my absolute favorite!  I just can’t do digital calendars and lists.  My learning style is visual and kinesthetic.  Writing stuff down and seeing it written down are HUGE for me so I need a real, paper planner.  I am a list maker!  Grocery, to do, whatever.  Lists are my life.  Between a furniture business, a boat business, a blog, our personal stuff and daily life responsibilities, I have a lot to remember and there is no way I can do it all without writing it down.  Some times I can’t do it all when it is written down.  😉

Enter The Naked Minds Now Six Month Diary.

Brian & Kaylor Product Review www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #brianandkaylorreview

Don’t let the title fool you.  This isn’t a book made up of blank pages for you to “dear diary” every night.  This is a planner on steroids.

Each month has a page for the full calendar.
Each weekday gets a full page organized into sections; goals, time of day, list area, notes and gratitude.
Saturday and Sunday share a page.
Each week is followed by a blank page.  Great for notes, long lists, etc.

Credit: Now 6 Month Diary

Credit: Now 6 Month Diary

Credit: Now 6 Month Diary

Credit: Now 6 Month Diary

There is plenty of space for everything!  I can have all of my lists in one place instead of having random sheets of notebook paper floating around the house, my truck and my purse.

One of my favorite things are the inspirational quotes through out the diary.  They are from musicians, actors/actresses, poets and other famous people.  Some people are tired of the quotes decor but I like them.  My realist attitude knows that things very rarely happen on their own and success at anything takes hard work.  The daily quotes are reminders to make things happen and let the bad stuff go.

Brian & Kaylor Product Review www.brianandkaylor.com #brianandkaylor #brianandkaylorreview

This is an Australian company but they do ship to the USA. The diary cost 39 AUD (about $27) plus shipping.  I put in my address (Texas) to calculate an example shipping cost and it was 18 AUD (about $12.50).   You also have the option to buy the file to download and have it printed yourself.  It says you have an option to print A4 format (8.5″ x 11″) or A5, the size the company prints it, but A5 is a metric size and is not available at all printing centers here in the USA.

I decided to purchase the download file at 10 AUD ($7) and took it to Office Depot to be printed.  The lady at the printing center told me they did not offer the A5 size so I had to get it printed at the larger A4.  I don’t mind the larger planner and love having the extra space for my ever growing to do list.  🙂  It cost $30 to have all pages printed front/back, spiraled, clear front cover and black back cover.

Its about the same cost to buy from the company as printing it yourself (based on my Office Depot’s price).  I guess the decision would come down to if you want the bigger size or smaller.

Go check out Now 6 Month Diary’s gorgeous website  for more detail!

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