When we started the master bath renovation I decided to give our master bedroom a mini makeover.  Well, it has not been that “mini” so it has been a dramatic change.  🙂

The decor and color were never right for me.  Everything I used we previously owned or was handed down when we moved.  It was a weird mix of stuff that didn’t work in the space or for us.  I painted the bedroom Pale Smoke by Benjamin Moore which coordinated well with our bedding.  I hated it.  From the first day it was on the wall, I didn’t love it.  Unfortunately, there was no time to repaint the room then.  We were in the middle of unpacking, painting other rooms, and doing the kitchen renovation.  The master would have to wait.  See the first Master Bedroom Revel here.

So over the past few years I have been thinking about bedding color, furniture style and other decor details for the room.  I had an idea for furniture but I try not to get my mind set on something specific because it is not always in budget or available.  Mostly I needed pieces that had tons of storage.  We have been in desperate need of a dresser that is at least 70 inches long that can hold much more than our current dresser.

Current Dresser.

My mom found this large dresser at a garage sale.



Does it look familiar?  It should.  It is the exact same dresser that my grandparent’s had and I now use as a coffee bar! Read about it here.


Same company.  Same material.  Same dresser.  For this makeover I wanted a natural driftwood finish.  Something similar to these tables I did for my sister-in-law.  Pine can be hard to work with sometimes.  It wants to be really dark or really light so I knew a natural driftwood look might be challenging.  And it was.  So much so, that it didn’t happen.  The driftwood stain didn’t even change the color.  Not going to lie, I was disappointed but not shocked by this.

Plan B was the weathered wood look.  I tend to like driftwood better because I am drawn to the brown tones.  A weathered wood finish had me nervous because of all the gray tones and I wasn’t sure I liked it at first.  Now the walls have their new color, we have new bedding and curtains, as well as new end tables.  It is all coming together and I love it.

Here are a few more before shots.



For this finished I used Rust-Oleum Weathered Gray stain for the first coat.  I let it dry over night then I distressed the wood.  I used 220 grit to lightly sand, focusing on the edges.  The last color coat was a white glaze (a glazing medium + antique white latex paint).  Finally, the clear coats.


The coffee bar has the original hardware but I wanted to do new for this makeover.  Something much more updated and sleek.  Hole size was a problem (as always) so I went with these soft iron colored handles.  It required drilling all new holes but they cover up the old ones.   🙂



It has been great having such a large dresser.  The storage space is amazing and I finally have a home for my folded clothes.



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