I have an obsession with coffee.  It could also be called an addiction.  An unhealthy dependency. Whatever.  Point is, in the mornings, I love drinking coffee.

Its not just about the need for caffeine by 8:30 am or my head will explode and I become a not so nice person.  Its about my waking up process.  My routine.

The sun is just rising and the house is dark and quiet.  The water outside is peaceful.  Just me on the couch, with my coffee and sometimes a dog or two, mentally prepping for the day and slowly waking up.

We do not have a lot counter space in the small kitchen.  I decided to use my grandparents’ dresser that I refinished as a buffet and coffee bar in our dining area.

It has tons of storage for baking dishes and other pans I don’t use often plus our nice utensils and coffee supplies.  The refrigerator is just opposite of the buffet so it is not a far reach to get the creamers out.





This is what my grandparents’ dresser used to look like.


I love that I get to see and use this dresser everyday.  My grandparents’ are my favorite people.  Although I lost my grandfather several years ago, I think about him and miss him everyday.  I remember this dresser being in their bedroom at the end of the hall on Adams St.  I remember my grandmother’s jewelry being in the small drawers in the hutch and my grandfather’s old police photo being on the shelves.  It is crazy how the mind can remember little details like that.

Here are some detailed pictures of it now as our coffee bar and storage.



The large canvas is by  Jessica with Ever & Anon  who took family pictures of us several years ago.  She also took the amazing pictures for the kitchen and dining room reveal.  My goal was to get a picture not too posed and natural looking.  This was the winner for this spot.  If you live in the Houston/Galveston area please consider Ever & Anon.  I had been extremely sick so we had to reschedule due to illness and weather.  The day of, the wind was blowing 100 mph and we were trying to make it work with two dogs.  On top of that, we are the most un-photogenic people ever.  She was able to capture many beautiful pictures of us.  That’s talent people.  Click here to see some of the pictures.


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